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Have you been looking for a trustworthy and dependable Pest Control Fremantle company? Nestled at Western Australia, Fremantle is a port city and the State capital of Perth. At Fremantle, visitors can experience the outstanding beauty of the Swan River. As of 2016, Fremantle has a population of 29,000. This port city was first discovered in 1600 by the Dutch Explorers. Later, in 1829, Sean River Colonists started their settlement in this region. It is to mention that Fremantle is named after Charles Fremantle. He is the English naval officer to claim New Holland West Coast as the British territory. 

History Of Fremantle

In 1969, Dutch explorers under Willem De Vlamingh’s captaincy were the first Europeans to reach Fremantle. After reaching this port city, they moved to the Swan Riverbank. In 1827, Captain James Stirling explored this region’s coastal areas and considered this area as a possible British settlement. He made a report about Fremantle, and the British Government approved it. Western Australian Day (the first Monday of June) is celebrated as the foundation day of Fremantle. Later, Captain Fremantle left this region on 25 August. However, he assisted Captain James Stirling in setting up the inhabitation to a great extent. 

The Geography Of This Area

Fremantle and near Fremantle is home to several limestone hills. As per the Noongar people, these limestone hills are known as Booyeembara. The residents of this area earn their livelihood by vegetation. They mainly cultivate eucalyptus trees and Xanthorrhoea. If you see the birds-eye view of this region, you will see the Indian Ocean in the west, Swan River in the north, White Gum Valley in the East, and South Street in the south. 

Pest Control Services Are Essential 

Are you tired of eliminating inspects from your home? Then you can contact Xterminate Unwanted Pests. If you do not remove the harmful insects from your home, the rats will ruin your documents, and the bed bugs may bite your skin. We use high-quality solutions to eliminate pests from your house. At Xterminate Unwanted Pests, we can handle various pests such as bees, bugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice, termites, and more. If you are tired of mosquito bites, contact us early. 

Fremantle also has pests that torment the inhabitants. The pests that infest this suburb are: 

  • Wasps
  • Insects and Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

How Do We Serve You? 

After you contact us, we will visit your place to inspect your house. Afterwards, our pest controllers will find the affected areas. We spot the beehives, rat holes, and signs of termite. After inspecting the overall status, we determine a suitable solution to eliminate the inspects. Kindly visit our website for more details about our services. Our team demands reasonable rates for our services. 

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Pest Control near Fremantle, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our pest control work, which is backed up by extensive training and experience. Reach out to Xterminate Unwanted Pests if you want to remove all the harmful insects from your house. If you have kids, it would be dangerous to have a beehive on the tree. Furthermore, if you try to apply DIY techniques, things may worsen, as bee stings can be life-threatening. Therefore, contact our team members and experience the difference. Our customer reviews are also available on Google Business Profile.

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