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Do you have noisy crickets in the home or office and you need an expert to intiate cricket pest control in Perth? Is their noise too much to bear every night? Have you been lacking enough sleep and focus because of the annoying noise of these pesky insects? Do you need professional cricket extermination?

Generally, crickets are noisy and annoying, especially at night. Well, you may be able to tolerate one or two crickets. However, they become a complete nightmare when their population gets higher.

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Is There A Difference Between Crickets and Grasshoppers?

So yes, there are differences between grasshoppers and crickets. While both grasshoppers and crickets belong to the same insect order, Orthoptera, they belong to different suborders. Here are some key differences between the two:


Grasshoppers are generally more giant and have robust bodies with long hind legs built for jumping. They have short antennae and wings that are adapted for flying. Crickets, on the other hand, are usually smaller and have a more flattened body. They have long antennae and branches that are adapted for producing sound.


Grasshoppers are typically found in open grasslands, meadows, and agricultural areas. They are adapted for hopping and flying, enabling them to move quickly through these habitats. Crickets are commonly found in more sheltered environments like forests, shrubs, and damp areas like streams or underground caves.


Grasshoppers are diurnal insects that are active during the day. They are known for their distinctive jumping ability and are often seen leaping or flying when startled. Crickets are primarily nocturnal and are known for their chirping sounds, produced by rubbing their wings together to attract mates.

Sound Production: 

Grasshoppers produce sounds by rubbing their hind legs against their wings or abdomen. These sounds are usually short and intermittent. Crickets make their characteristic chirping sounds by rubbing their wings together. The sounds produced by crickets are more continuous and often used for communication.


Grasshoppers are primarily herbivores and feed on plant matter such as leaves, grass, and crops. They can cause damage to produce in large numbers. Crickets are:

  • Omnivores with a broader diet.
  • Feeding on plant material.
  • Decaying organic matter.
  • Even tiny insects or other small invertebrates.

While grasshoppers and crickets share some similarities, such as belonging to the same order and having similar life cycles, these differences in appearance, habitat, behaviour, sound production, and diet help distinguish them.

Why Do Crickets Make A Noise?

Undoubtedly, crickets in Perth and near Perth are one of the most annoying insects because of their irritating noise.  In fact, having crickets at home will destroy your peace at night. Hence, many homeowners with this type of infestation have been calling the pest experts like us.

Specifically, experts call this distinct noise from the insects as stridulating crickets. Naturally, crickets stridulate by rubbing the upper and the lower parts of their wings not their feet as commonly believed.

 Surprisingly, this noise is their unique way of communication. To explain, male crickets stridulate or sing a song to call the attention of the female species. As a note, females don’t make the annoying noise. Hence, the chirping you hear at night atre from the males.

Male crickets have different songs like and aggressive song or a courtship song. Naturally, the males sing a courtship song to flirt with the nearby female crickets and eventually mate. Interestingly, may even fight against one another when hearing a quite romantic song from a male cricket.

Besides, crickets sing an aggressive song that can be louder than their romantic song. Primarily, they sing an aggressive song for interaction and establishment of their territory. 

Quite surprisingly, male crickets do have a song for success. In fact, a male cricket briefly delivers a song of triumph after mating with a female. To explain, male crickets sing this song to encourage the females to lay eggs after they mate. Although crickets are annoying to us the process of them making noise and why is complex.

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What Damages Can Crickets Cause In Your Home?

Do crickets bring more threat than their annoying noise? Should you be worried more than the sleepless nights they cause? Can crickets cause damage in your home in Perth?

Absolutely, just like any other creatures, crickets need sustenance to survive. In fact, these insects are omnivores. To explain, omnivores eat both plants and meat. Hence, if you have a thick garden near your home or if you’re near the bushlands, crickets could be a problem.

Unfortunately, crickets are a major problem when they start to breed and grow in numbers in your home. In the absence of their natural food, the feeding activity of cricket in your place could be a horrible experience for you.

For instance, crickets don’t eat clothes but they can damage your carpet and clothes in looking for sustenance. Specifically, they can chew these materials as they look for a food source. Other materials that may be in danger with crickets are wool, cotton, and silk. Moreover, any material with synthetic fabrics can also be inviting to these insects.

Additionally, crickets can also damage other materials at home like books, rubbers, wood, leather, and beddings. Lastly, you would also get surprised to see them destroying your wallpaper and couches to a degree.

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Having a beautiful rest at night is essential for your health and your family’s. However, it won’t be possible with the presence of noisy crickets in your home in Perth. Hence, you’ve got to do something now to get rid of these annoying creatures from your home.

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