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Mosquito Pest Control Perth

Are you in need of professional mosquito pest control in the Perth Area? Have you been tired of trying to eliminate mosquitoes? Are you worried about the many diseases that mosquitoes spread?

Mosquitoes can be a source of irritation for many outdoor activities. In fact, they can ruin your barbecue parties, summer birthday parties in the garden, and for an evening cup of tea on the terrace. Worst of all they can prevent you from sleeping. We often think that we are helpless in the fight against these insects. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are several effective disinfection treatments that Xterminate offers. Check them out!

For effective mosquito control solutions in Perth, contact us today on 1300 455 163! Similarly, you can rely on our pest control experts for other pest control needs. Particularly, we cover termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice, and most common house hold and commercial pests!

Mosquitos can be especially harmful to young kids. If you have a plague of mosquitoes many times you may some type of body of water nearby where they are breeding. When it great numbers, supermarket products will not get the job done. You will be wasting your money and time.

Our advanced spraying methods will kill mosquitoes dead and stop them from multiplying alltogether.


What Causes A Mosquito Invasion?

A mosquito can detect us through our breathing and the release of CO2 when we exhale. Besides, it can also recognize the heat and body odours we release. Essentially, what attracts mosquitoes most strongly is the smell of human sweat. Certainly, they are extremely sensitive to it.

Particularly, the following conditions will attract mosquitoes in Perth:

  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Scent of flowers
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Ammonia and lactic acid

Illness Caused By Mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes attack humans and suck their blood, passing along dangerous diseases. Specifically, some of the dangerous illnesses from mosquitoes are the following:

  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue

Generally, in terms of diversity and abundance of the pathogens that animals spread, mosquitoes surpass all other species. Unfortunately, your clothing does not help. Particularly, a single layer of thin material is not enough to stop the stinging of these insects.

When we spend time outdoors, these flying insects can effectively make us feel uneasy. Then, they turn our pleasure of spending time outside into a nightmare. Another common and equally unpleasant scenario is being stung at night.

Commonly, it’s a good bet you’ve hidden under the blanket after hearing the sound of a mosquito passing next to your ear!

Tips For Avoiding Mossie’s Outdoors 

A mosquito control Perth and near Perth intervention aims at improving the comfort of staying outdoors. Specifically, by reducing the population of these insects. Depending on customer needs, they are mostly carried out in:

  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Forests
  • Urban green areas
  • Cultivated fields
  • By the lake or bodies of water

Decanting is also extremely useful if we plan to organize an outdoor event in a given place. Such an initiative is performed during the hours of the highest insect activity. Specifically, in the early morning or late afternoon.

Generally, the aim is to increase the efficiency of decanting. Also, reduce the side effects that can affect beneficial insects such as bees. Before carrying out the procedure it is important to properly prepare the area.

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Expert Mosquito Pest Process

At Xterminate, we have adapted materials and effective substances to fight against mosquitoes in both the larval and adult stages. The chemicals we use only harm mosquitoes and flies. They are completely neutral and safe for humans and animals. Unlike some preparations for skin application.

This service can be performed using mainly the following methods:

  • Spraying
  • Cold and hot fogging
  • ULV fogging


Not every method is suitable for use in every situation. Hence, we will adjust the appropriate method so that it is effective at a reasonable price.

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How To Contact Us For Mosquito Pest Control In Perth WA 

Mosquitoes are stubborn insects. They can spoil our leisure time every time. The Xterminate pest control team will be happy to help you defeat these unpleasant pests. Likewise, we will also provide specialist advice on how to prevent them from hatching again.

Our experience and knowledge in mosquito pest control near Perth and other pests allow us to carry out treatments effectively and safely. Xterminate pest control Perth stands for proven measures, the best equipment, and trained staff.

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Facts About the Mosquito

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