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Are you looking for professional bee removal Perth? Have you been troubled by the presence of bees around your home or property? Did you know that the presence of unwanted bees is extermely dangerous to humans?  Look for bee experts to safely remove the bees from your property? Please note- If the nest can be removed without killing the bees. We can help you organise for a trained bee keeper to do the job.

Unfortunately,  bees build nests in places bee keepers cannot remove them. These can be in places like inside a wall cavity within the home. This is when we are forced to exterminate the nest.

Xterminate is your ally to get rid of the dangerous bees situation in your home and property in Perth and near Perth. Thankfully, our bee experts know exactly what to do to eliminate the nest with optimum safety if it is posing a threat. Hence, if you are not a bee expert, never try disturbing the bees. Call the Xterminate bee removal team today!

Don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 455 163 for bee extermination and all other pests. Absolutely, we answer all pest control enquiries and provide a free quote.

Facts About Bees in Perth

Bees obtain their sustenance from the nectar of flowers in Perth. In fact, they will usually be present wherever there are flowers. Essentially, bees’ activity is crucial in pollination. Hence, they sustain crops and bushlands and nearly all the food we put on our table.

Naturally, bees produce honey that has been quite beneficial to human health. Aside from honey, bees also are the producers of beeswax. Moreover, they also are a good source of royal jelly and natural glue.

Generally, not all bees in the colony sting. Surprisingly, only the worker  bees have stingers that are used to protect the nest. The queen has two stingers.  the stinger also refers to the ovipositor that only the queen has. Each queen has this to secure a colony againats a rival queen. The larger male drones are completely harmless to humans. These guys are rarely seen as they are use for the fertilization of the eggs. 

Unless you disturb or threaten the bees they will not bother you. Therefore, staying away from them keeps you free from the attack. Sometimes, they can build their nest in your home or gardens that make them dangerous.

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Why Call Professional Pest Control?

No you shouldn’t ever try removing bees or their nests by yourself. Technically, bee removal requires protective gear and safety procedures. Hence, you should leave it to the bee removal experts in Perth like us.

As mentioned bees only become aggressive and dangerous when people disturb them. Naturally, these insects will turn into a defensive state to protect their hive. Therefore, you can easily get a sting when you go close to their home.

If you have sighted an unwanted beehive in your home or property, call us at Xterminate immediately. Do not wait until you or a family member get stung before you act.

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How Dangerous Are Bee Stings?

Without a doubt, bees can be more dangerous or as dangerous than snakes and spiders in Perth. Unfortunately, these flying insects pose more threat when they swarm and can kill humans if . In fact, they have been on top of the list of the most dangerous animals in Australia. Most horribly, they cause the most number of hospitalization  annually among the other insects and animals.  pest control company immediately if you think a nest is to close to home.

In Perth, Western Australia, the insect that causes the most hospitalizations is the European honeybee (Apis mellifera). Honeybee stings can lead to severe allergic reactions in some individuals. In rare cases, these reactions can be life-threatening. People who are highly allergic to bee stings may experience anaphylaxis, which requires immediate medical attention and can result in hospitalization.

It’s important to note that honeybees can cause significant health risks to individuals with bee sting allergies. However, they are generally not aggressive and will only sting if they feel threatened or their hive is disturbed. Generally, a bee sting can cause more than just a painful reaction, swelling, and redness of the sting area is common. In some cases, bee stings can result in a quite serious allergic reaction. Unfortunately, a few cases can lead to death.

Thankfully, mild reactions to bee stings may not be quite dangerous. However, you should watch out for severe reactions that can result in a life-threatening condition. Hence, you would need emergency medical attention.

Specifically, a bee sting can cause you to develop deadly anaphylaxis. To explain, anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction. Particularly, this condition causes breathing difficulty, swelling tongue and throat, or weak or rapid pulse rate. Besides, you may also feel dizzy, or you may be fainting. Moreover, other symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, or loss of consciousness.

How To Conact Xterminate For Bee Removal Perth WA?

In essence, bee pest control near Perth is a job that only experts should do. Particularly, eliminating the nests will make these insects fight to the death. In fact, all of them can attack you when they feel the threat. Hence, bee experts use protective gears to do it.

For bee removal and treatment of all other pests that you have in your home or business, call Xterminate today! We welcome your call on 1300 455 163 for enquiries and a free quote!

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