Keep Your Home Clean By Proven Pest Control Methods

Keep Your Home Clean By Proven Pest Control Methods

Homes provide you comfort, not a place for bugs, termites, ticks, roaches, rats, and ants. Once they find a golden chance to get inside, it will be challenging to execute pest control methods with their growing number. Pest infestation will also bring several diseases and torment the living hell out of you. No amount of pest control in Australia will be helpful if you don’t know the prevention tactics. 

Common Pest Issues Found in Homes

There are some common pest issues that most homeowners face in Australia. You should get rid of these problems quickly to avoid costly damages. No matter how much you try, pests find a way to get inside your property and win the battle. While small insects can be difficult to stop, there are ways to mitigate the danger. You can call professional pest control in Australia, who will conduct a thorough search and determine ways to eliminate pests forever. The bugs which cause the most damages to homeowners include:


Termites live in colonies and are of the most damaging pests that invade your home. When you spot a termite infestation, call experienced exterminators because the problem can escalate. They will damage your property silently and eat through most wooden materials. 


Rodents such as rats prefer warm places and invade your property for food and shelter. Rats cause immense damage to your property because they gnaw at wires, woods, clothes to keep their incisors from growing inside the skull. But more than that, rats bring in diseases like plague, bite fever, and many more. 


Roaches have been around for millions of years and are one of the most adaptable pests on earth. Like rodents, they prefer warm environments, and their bite can cause gastric upset, food poisoning, and many other diseases. 

Are Professional Pest Control Methods Safe For Your Home?

While pest control in Australia offers your respite from unwanted intruders, rampant use of pest control can affect your health. Homeowners who use DIY techniques to get rid of pests are the most susceptible to develop asthma attacks and heart diseases. Contaminated soil, stored pesticide containers, and household surfaces are the leading cause of pesticide infection. Health effects of pesticide include:

  • Irritation to eyes
  • Risk of cancer
  • Headaches, dizziness
  • Damage to kidneys, liver, and nervous systems

Modern pest control professionals are taking steps to reduce the exposure to these chemicals by:

  • Mixing or diluting the substance
  • Applying them only in recommended doses
  • Taking plants or pets outside when using pesticides and increase the ventilation facility in homes
  • Using green chemicals wherever possible
  • Removing any stored pesticide containers safely from home
  • Keeping garments and repellents in separate ventilated spaces 

While most pest control methods in Australia are certified and regulated, you should exercise caution when selecting a contractor. 

How Can You Get Rid Of Termites?

You can spot termite infestation inside your home by checking the wood structures for hollow sounds or when you spot mud tunnels across any surface. A trained termination technician for pest control in Australia is the only recourse when you have a severe problem. If you are knee on tackling termite infestation, there are many organic chemicals you can buy online and spray inside your home. 

  • Conventional termite treatment includes creating a barrier outside the infection zone. Termites won’t be able to spot the termiticide, and when they eat materials, they will die instantly.
  • You can also spray natural chemicals inside the cracks and crevices of wood. Termite foams are an effective treatment that will poison their colony.
  • Termite baits are another effective treatment for killing intruders. The baits will attract the termites and kill them slowly using delayed action.

Termites hate the smells of repellents, tea trees, cloves, orange, and garlic. Garlic is one of the most efficient methods for pest control in Australia and is approved by most. 

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

It depends on the type of infestation on your property. An efficient termite treatment will last for around five years if done by a professional company. Termite baits, however, won’t last for more than one year. Annual maintenance programs are a popular way to control the spread of termites for large commercial properties. 

Prevent Termites From Coming Back 

You can prevent future termite invasion by following some simple methods:

  • Termites won’t survive without proper moisture, so to keep them at bay, check for leaks from your cooling system.
  • Clean your gutters and pipes regularly because termites thrive in the dark, moist spots
  • Cover any cracks you notice on your wooden structures and ensure proper sealing of windows and doors.
  • Don’t store firewood or tree stumps for long. Termites are fascinated by the smell of cellulose on wood, so you can use termite-resistant lumber to build your home.
  • Conduct professional inspection with pest control in Australia and develop a maintenance program

Getting rid of termites can be costly, so when you hire a professional, ask for quotes before the project. A reputed contractor will supply you with all the necessary details and offer affordable solutions. 

Herbal Treatment Methods For Termites 

You can use chemicals to get rid of termites from your property, but greener ways to achieve pest control in Australia


Vinegar is a beautiful invention that is used for cooking, cleaning, and also for termite infestation. Mix half a cup of vinegar with dud juices and put inside a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around areas where you suspect termites. The acidic substance will kill the termites on contact, and make sure to spray regularly.

Orange Oil

Orange oil made from orange peels is deadly for termites. You will find it at your home improvement stores or garden stores. Spray the oil directly to affected areas to deter the insects from coming back. 

Wet Cardboard

Termites love to feast on wood, and wet cardboard acts as a lucrative bait. If you think termites are inside your home, it will surely drag the wood-borers out of their hiding place. Once they have settled in, you can burn the wood, which will kill all the termites. 

Create A Barrier

Creating a perimeter around the termite colony is an effective method to get rid of termites. You would need to dig a small trench around your property and put the barrier on the ground. The fence would keep the termites from tunneling their way to your Perth home. 

The best way of controlling termites is preventative, which will ensure that the problem never occurs. Regular inspections from experienced pest control in Australia will treat most infestations and make your home a safe place. 

What Is The Best Time For Pest Control Methods Execution?

Pests breed faster during warmer months when they wake up after winter dormancy. The first noticeable activity is spring, when you see those spiders, bugs, ants, and flies invading your property. The best time for pest control in Australia is spring, just before it starts to get hot. It is the ideal opportunity because pests’ colonies are low, and you can complete the treatment without spending much time. If you have a low pest activity, you can spray your property once a year, but it is recommended to develop a maintenance plan for larger ones.

How To Control Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a real annoyance, and they feed on blood. Although they don’t carry significant diseases, getting rid of them will invite a good night’s sleep. Usually, bed bugs come from outside through your bags, luggage, and purses and sleep inside your home. You can easily spot the bugs, shed skins, or droppings on mattresses or other pest control items. 

  • Remove any unnecessary clutter from your homes like old magazines, piles of wastes, and papers. Use plastic beans instead of cardboard to check the growth of infestations for pest control in Australia.
  • Wash off your mattress correctly to get rid of bugs. Remove and clean window coverings regularly and wash your floors.
  • Seal any cracks and openings where you have electrical wires 
  • Contact a professional company if the problem persists

What Is The Importance Of Pest Management?

Professional services for pest control in Australia use integrated management techniques to check the pest’s spread inside your property. A proper maintenance plan is necessary to prevent these harmful intruders’ onward march and free your home from diseases. 

Prevent Damage To Foundation

Pests, especially termites, eat through wood and can rot your foundation. Each year, people spend millions of dollars to control these insects, but things won’t fall in place without a proper plan. Hiring a professional will offer a better solution because it requires constant vigilance to keep them off. 

Prevent Allergies And Other Diseases

Pests can cause severe allergic reactions, especially for people with sensitive skin. They can also bring asthma and respiratory tract illnesses. Cockroaches are known to carry allergies that can cause eczema and are the leading causes of asthma in children.

Keep The Food Supply Chain Running

Proper pest management is necessary to keep the food supply chain intact. Rodents destroy almost 20% of the world’s crops, and an appropriate approach of control would ensure less food waste. 

End Of Lease Pest Control 

When you leave a rented property, it’s necessary to clean it thoroughly and recover your surety amount. You should check your tenancy agreement to see whether it’s your responsibility to get pest control treatment

Proper end-of-lease pest control methods in Australia ensure that the property is free from vermin and maintains the highest safety standards. Always hire a trusted pest control agency to do the work because they will have everything covered for you. It is always a better idea to conduct pest management after you have packed all your belongings and are ready to move out. You can also leave the premises and do pest control before handing over the keys. 

Fumigation Procedure For Pest Control 

Fumigation is another accepted way of removing pests from your home. It combats the presence of bugs, roaches, fleas, and other household pests effectively. Always order fumigation services from reputed pest control in Australia. The process uses a particular type of chemical called fumigant, which is applied to the entire house. It might involve sealing the whole home and temporarily moving the occupants. 

Types Of Chemicals Used During Fumigation

The type of fumigation chemicals depends on the amount of pest infestation on your property. The chemicals used for termites will not be the same as rodents or roaches. The typical chemicals used for fumigation include magnesium phosphide, methyl bromide, sulfuryl fluoride, and calcium cyanide. 

Fixing Your Home Or Business With Effective Pest Control Methods

Dealing with pests is a stressful situation that a professional agency can only answer. You must follow basic rules before a technician for pest control in Australia visits your home. 

Moving The Furniture

You don’t need to move your furniture for general pest control, but it is always a good idea for advanced methods. Sometimes for large infestation, it is essential to establish a perimeter to block the insects from entering your property. However, for termite treatments, you must remove all your wooden furniture and cover everything in plastic.

Preparing Your Home

Home preparation is an essential step for effective pest control. Pest prevention and elimination are both important aspects, and that’s why you are hiring professionals. 

  • Clear your dustbin and kitchen
  • Eliminate stagnant water
  • Vacuum your floors 
  • Place foods in watertight containers
  • Dispose of all paper goods
  • Pack all the necessary clothing 
  • Remove any clutter from your home
Safety For Pets

Pets are particularly susceptible to infections, and so you should ensure their safekeeping. You can drop them off at a friend’s place or take them outside during the process. Wash off your pets properly before moving them out because they might be carrying bugs. 

While there will be costs for pest control methods in Australia, you shouldn’t shy away from contacting a professional. Proper pest management will protect your property, ensure your family’s health and give you long-lasting results. If you have a small infestation, go for an instant treatment plan but opt for regular maintenance programs for larger ones.  Specifically, you can get in contact with Perth’s top-rated pest control company – Xterminate.

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