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Are you looking for a possum pest control in Perth that is both reasonable and effective? What kind of possum infestation are you dealing with in your home or workplace? If possums are a problem in your area, are you aware of how to spot them?

Possums are not the cutest of creatures. They’re generally regarded as foul-smelling, ugly, and unclean animals that don’t belong in a suburban environment.

If you think possums are cute, then great! But if you don’t agree with that assessment – we won’t judge you. Possums are very well-known for burrowing into people’s properties and living there! So what can you do to keep possums away from your property?

If you have a possum problem in your home, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. That’s where pest control companies like Xterminate can help. We offer a range of services in pest control in Perth and near Perth. We use a range of methods, from traps to baits, to get rid of pests and keep them out.

What Does A Possum Look Like?

A possum is a small, nocturnal mammal with a long tail and a large head. Its fur is usually grey or brown, although some species have darker spots. Their body is covered in thick, soft fur which insulates them from the cold weather outside. They are so many here in Perth.

This furry coat also provides protection from parasites and keeps the possum warm in the winter. The ears of a possum are only located on top of its head, while most other mammals have both ears on the sides of their head. 

A possum’s nose is very sensitive and can detect odours at a very long distance. This helps to keep it away from danger. It has also been shown that they are able to identify the scent of their own kind over a large distance as well.

A possum’s eyes are very sensitive and it can see things in low light conditions better than humans can. It can see colours that humans cannot. However, because of its poor eyesight, it does not tend to travel great distances by itself.

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How Possum Invades Home?

When they enter a home in Perth, they look for food, shelter and a warm place to rest. They also need a source of water and a way to get in and out. If these requirements are met, a possum will stay put. However, there are ways that it can enter a home undetected.

Some factors that may contribute to a possum’s invasion include:

  • Garage openings 
  • Underground pipes 
  • Attic vents
  • Inverted chimney openings 
  • Roof vents 
  • Bird feeders 
  • Homes with weak foundations (this includes homes with wood or metal roofs) 

In addition to these methods, possums may be attracted to homes by food sources such as birdseed or pet food. They may also be attracted by insects such as crickets or wasps.

Experts In Possum Removal

It is important to do your research if you are looking for a professional to help remove possums from your home. There are many different types of possum removal specialists that can help you with this process. 

Some of these professionals specialise in different areas of the industry, such as trapping and removal, pest control, and wildlife rehabilitation. 

If you want to hire a professional who specialises in trapping and removal, make sure that they have plenty of experience in this field. You should also ensure that they have all the necessary equipment and training to ensure your job goes smoothly.

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Possum infestation is an issue that can be difficult to deal with. Possums are known for stealing food, causing damage to property and making noise. They can be a nuisance, but if they are causing a problem, you should contact Xterminate for possum pest control near Perth

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