Top List of Most Common Household Pests in Australia

Pest control is a crucial part of any household. Pests can be a nuisance and can negatively affect your health. Some of the dangers of pests are that they contaminate food, damage house structures and can lead to poisoning because of harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is essential for Pest Control in Australia to be part of your household routine. Particularly, you need regular pest management if you are an occupant of Perth WA Australia.

Pest Abundance in Australia

Australia has many unique pests and bugs that are rare to find anywhere across the globe. The downfall of that is that the pest starts to invade properties including your home. The good news is that some household pests are not dangerous to our lives. However, this should not mean that they do not cause any life threat. Some common insects and pets like terminators or white ants will cost you repairs because of their damage. Others like cockroaches are known to spread diseases like salmonella.

Home Pest Prevention

Before you think of Pest Control in Perth WA Australia, you can try some home remedies that can help prevent infestation:

  • Remove any sources of food or water in your home, ensure that the place is always clean.
  • Ensure you have your entire foodstuff in airtight glass or plastic containers. When you have leftover foods, store them in garbage bags that are tightly covered. You should regularly remove all the garbage from your home.
  • In case of leaky plumbing, avoid letting the water accumulate everywhere in the home.
  • Do not have water in trays in your refrigerator or under the houseplants; ensure you do not have pet leftover food overnight.
  • When you have clutter in your house, it becomes a place for pests to hide and breed. Make sure you remove all cardboards, magazines, and newspapers.
  • In case you have open spaces that pests can crawl in, like cracks around cabinets, cover all the areas with steel wool or wire mesh.
  • Ensure you learn more about the pests in your house and how to apply Pest Control in Australia to control them before seeking pest control professionals’ services.
  • When you have packages to get into the house, check for any pests before introducing them to your home.

Look for a pest control specialist that has vast experience in the industry, especially with residential units. Ensure that they are competent when it comes to Pest Control in Australia and have a comprehensive plan on handling the problem. With a wide variety of pests in Australia, the recommendation is to get an expert who will know about the root cause and the affordable and long-time solution.

With that precaution, a pest exterminator will know the common household pests and develop an eradication plan. A pest specialist will tell the difference between the pests, the house flying pests, and the Australian household insects. You will have more information on your health threats and the treatment.

What is a Household Pest?

They are in two categories; common household insects and common household bugs. They both cause damage to your home and even become a health threat. Household pests will come to your home because they are looking for food and shelter. Below find a comprehensive list of the common household pests that will need Pest Control in Australia in your home.

The Top 10 List of Household Pests in Australia

For pest control to be effective in your home, start by identifying the common household pests in Australia:

  • Cockroaches

These are some of the typical house pets in Australia; you will find them in damp places, as they will be around looking for warmth in case of colder climates. The main reason to eradicate them is that they are known to spread diseases when they contact food. Some of the common diseases include salmonella and gastroenteritis.

Their droppings can also transmit diseases like eczema and asthma to children. Avoid leaving any leftover foods and will come out in the night to feed. You can quickly know of their presence when you spot minor brown marks and a distinctive smell. It is advisable to get rid of them fast since they are a threat to your health. Contact a pest exterminator to get rid of them, and you need to consider them as an emergency. The best way to avoid any diseases is to eliminate any cockroach infestation using Pest Control in Australia.

  • Termites

Reports indicate that termites are the most expensive pests in Australia. They are known to cause damage accumulating to over $500 million per annum all across the nation. Some of the major cities suffering from significant infestation are Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. The trick with termites is that they can be anywhere the weather is warm. One in every three homes in Australia has been infected by termites, with the financial expense being for repair and the stress when you need to sell a home.

Termite infestation should be considered as an urgent problem that requires Pest Control in Australia. These bugs can lay up to 2,000 eggs each day, and this is one reason this should be deemed critical. Look for a specialist who is ready to come and help eliminate the problem in your home. The first thing in your home that is attractive to termites is wood, their food source.

  • Spiders

Australia is known to house more than 2000 spider species, and some are the most venomous across the globe. When they bite you, it can be fatal if not treated and leave you in excruciating pain. You will find these pests in wardrobes, bookcases, and air vents. They are fond of dark spaces, and they use their webs to get food. Other species can be in the firewood stack or garden.

These pests can live for many years and can lay eggs in sacs during warm months. They can have up to 3,000 eggs, and you need to be careful before they start infesting your home, especially for the deadly ones. Look for Pest Control in Australia to clear the spiders and save your family from any danger and life-threatening risks. They will help get rid of the cobwebs and pests.

  • Ants

These household pests in Australia are a nuisance rather than life-threatening; in Australia, you will get over 1,000 species, and not all are harmless. You will find bull ants worldwide; they are aggressive and can give a painful bit, it is not a good thing for allergic people. That is one reason ants are irritating household pests that you will need Pest Control in Australia.

There are more ants species in Australia, such as the carpenter ants, argentine ants, black house ants, and the coastal brown ants. They are known to invade your home, and they are not life-threatening, like mosquitoes and cockroaches. Some ants are known to carry fungal and bacterial organisms hence might cause diseases. Ants love warm places and are attracted to sweets and proteins. When they have access to a reliable food source, they start building their colony. Ants can destroy your electrical wiring and any plastic appliances leading to expensive repairs.

  • Fleas

They are tiny and can be a menace in your home, and can thrive both outside and inside the home. Fleas have a tendency of attaching to pets in the house and any person in the house. When they enter your home, it becomes hard to get rid of them. A single flea lays many eggs, and a minor problem can be a disaster for a short time. Flea infestation brings about severe discomfort, scratches, and itchiness. The pests can lead to the transmission of parasites like tapeworms when they bite you or your pets.

To stay safe, look for Pest Control in Australia from a trained specialist to help with the situation. If you have any pets ensure you change their bedding and treat it with a natural flea bath. It will help with the problem as you wait for an expert to arrive.

  • Wasps and bees

In Australia, there are more than 1,000 species of bees. They are vital to the ecosystem and still be a problem in your home. The good news is that these pests will not have their hives near your homestead. They can go unnoticed since they can be under the veranda; you need to be careful since their sting can be painful. Look for an expert when you suspect your house is at risk. They can infest on your roof and walls, and an attack from a wasp can be dangerous, especially for people allergic to the venom.

Wasps tend to sting multiple times, and they are deadly, unlike the bees. Do not try to get rid of wasps and bees on your own; call on Pest Control in Australia to help eradicate the entire problem.

  • Flies

These are some of Australia’s annoying pests and should be treated the same as mosquitoes and cockroaches. They pose a health risk to humans and can spread diseases like E. coli and salmonella. Others can cause painful bites like horse fly, and when you see larvae in your home, it could be a fly infestation. Start by installing fly screens and keep all places clean, and for all your bins, ensure the seals are tightly fixed. When you have a situation that needs serious consultation, look for Pest Control in Australia to offer the proper guidance on eradication. You will get a plan to remove the flies from the household.

  • Mice and rats

The first European settlers introduce mice and rats to Australia. They have been spreading all across the country, transmitting diseases and causing damages to your building. They are a health hazard to humans since they carry diseases such as meningitis and typhoid. Some of the signs of the illnesses include fever, nausea, and swelling. That is why you need to eradicate mice and rats since they threaten your health, especially for people with a low immune system.

The health risks are enough to call on a professional to offer guidance on all the control procedures.  When you detect smells, droppings, and scratching, it can indicate a rodent problem. You need to link up with Pest Control in Australia and have the pest eradicated.

  • Mosquitoes

It is easy to detect a mosquito from its high-pitch noises and annoying bites. You will notice that these pests will strike when you are relaxing, and they love feeding in the evening. They love the humid weather, and you will find them in water sources. The pest is a threat to humans since they are known to spread diseases like the Ross River virus and dengue fever.

To protect your family, you will need to keep your windows and doors closed and have fly screens. Another piece of advice would be to pour out any stagnant water around the house since mosquitoes breed in water. In case these precautions do not work, you will need to look for Pest Control in Australia to look into the problem and offer a price quote.

  • Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance in most household pests in Australia.  They may be small, but the damage they can cause is unbelievable. You will notice these pests from the bloodstains in the sheets or when you start itching. Blood is their primary source of food hence the stains from bleeding and bits. They are hard to detect because they are small and nocturnal and can be found all over your home, especially the bedroom.

The common hiding spots are in bed frames, carpets, mattresses, wardrobes, and skirting boards. When bed bugs are not treated on time, they will continue to spread. The challenge is that they can survive for more than one year without food, and the female can lay about five eggs each day. The eggs hatch in about 12 days and mature in about two weeks.

You Need Regular Pest Control in Perth WA Australia

Pest infestation in Australia can be a stressful and challenging process. In fact, home remedies are always not successful to fight these vermins. However, you should still keep your house clean. For example, you can vacuum regularly and constantly remove any leftover foods and dirt.

Pest Control in Australia has been a big deal to keep every home or business safe from infestations. Not only do pests create damages. Absolutely, they can cause and transmit diseases. Do not rely on home treatments since some pests can be dangerous. In fact, you need a professional if you want to get rid of them once and for all.

There are local pest control companies in Perth WA Australia that can help. However, you need to look for a reliable and trusted company for years. For instance, if you check on google reviews, you can see that occupants in Perth highly recommend the Xterminate Pest Control. You can check their customer testimonials on Google My Business or check their website. Not only do they offer a wide range of pest control service, but also they have the most competitive pricing. See their contact information on their website.

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