Importance Of Regular Pest Control Services In Perth

Importance Of Regular Pest Control Services In Perth

Do you notice varied kinds of pests and insects on your property? Are you concerned about the damages they bring along with them? Are you looking for a reliable company that can offer impeccable pest management services? Well, once you cite the existence of any pests in your property, commercial or residential, it becomes inevitable for you to choose Pest Control Perth services. Xterminate can help you in eradicating all signs of pests and their associated complications from your premises. 

Why Is It Important To Hire Pest Control Services In Perth?

Western Australia witnesses different kinds of pests and insects that invade properties to damage them. If you are a resident of Perth, you must’ve come across various pest problems and ways to eliminate them. However, sometimes homeowners ignore the minor signs of pests, thinking they cannot harm. Well, if you believe tiny creatures, whether they’re crawling ones, flying ones or rodents, do not cause significant damage, think again! Here is a list of a few reasons why Pest Control Perth is exceptionally crucial. 

Damage To Health 

The biggest and the most significant reason you need pest control services is that they cause massive health complications. Some diseases and infections spread by pests are commonly known. However, some illnesses are unknown, and often you fail to understand the reason for them. Some of the health threats include –

  • All pests leave behind their droppings or saliva and shed skin that is contaminating. It can also go airborne, spreading infections through the air.
  • Some pests like cockroaches, rodents, and mosquitoes spread infections like asthma, allergies, plague, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, malaria, and food poisoning. Other insects are known to spread bacteria. 
  • Rodents are among the filthiest creatures alive. They contaminate your property the fastest. Among the common health complications caused by rodents are salmonellosis, cholera, E. coli, and Lyme disease. 

Allergies And Venom

Diseases spread by pests are common. However, some cause severe allergies or can even spread venom. Pests carry allergens inside your property; therefore, allergic people are vulnerable to multiple ailments. Several species of spiders are considered poisonous, whose bites can cause severe problems or even death. Other tiny creatures like hornets, wasps, bees that sting can cause lethal allergies. 

Damage To Properties

Apart from spreading diseases and wrecking your health, pests go on to damage properties. If you delay in hiring Pest Control Perth services, it won’t be long that you will begin to see signs of structural damage in your property. Therefore, if you wish to save from spending extra on the cost of repairs, you must immediately hire pest exterminators. Insects like rodents tend to chew everything they see, from paper, upholstery to other fabrics. Harmful pests and silent killers like termites can damage and destroy all the wooden furniture placed inside your home. Apart from that, termites also cause structural damages. Termites cause billions of property damages every year in Australia. Cockroaches and rodents can also chew off electrical wires in your premises, leaving you prone to electrocution. Other pests like spiders can create cobwebs in every nook and corner of your property, taking away its appeal. Therefore, it is recommended to hire pest management if you wish to keep your health and property safe from destruction.

Other Reasons

There are a few more reasons that make Pest Control Perth services crucial for your property. 

  • Rodents are considered carriers of other pests like ticks, fleas, and mites.
  • Cockroaches carry allergens that the majority of people are allergic to in homes.
  • Many people are admitted to the emergency room due to the sting of several insects.
  • Pest infestation in homes takes away the appeal of properties.
  • When it comes to commercial properties, it can shoo away customers. 

Pest Control Services In Commercial Properties

Just like how you must protect your home from deadly pests and insects, you must safeguard your commercial property from pest problems too. Your commercial property is a means to generate revenue; therefore, it requires even greater attention and comprehensive Pest Control Perth management. Imagine owning a restaurant or a café whose pantry is infested by pests and insects. Can you serve contaminated food to customers? Do you think it won’t turn away potential customers? Pests and insects can cause several problems in commercial properties too. Some of them are –

  • It can put the life of employers at risk
  • Damage your commercial property
  • Jeopardise your commercial reputation in front of customers
  • Tarnish your product and service quality
  • Promote poor hygiene

If you wish to avoid such undesirable consequences, it is best to hire Pest Control Perth services as soon as you see a pest infestation on your property. 

There are a few places in your commercial property where pest management is essential.

  • The Restaurants

Restaurant industry is the most affected industry when it comes to pests and insects. Poor sanitary conditions, food spills, and leftover food outside can be an ideal breeding ground for pests. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to opt for pest management.

  • The Workplaces

Offices where different people work, eating multiple kinds of food, can be perfect for pest infestation. The stale air and poor ventilation can also lead to numerous pest complications. In these places, it is crucial to hire pest exterminators.

  • The Warehouses

Warehouses, where products are packed and dispatched, can invite rodents and cockroaches. Even if you store your goods in warehouses, it can potentially spread more pests. If rodents find their way in, they can chew off everything. 

  • Hotels

Imagine customers booking rooms for a stay when they find insects flying or crawling around the rooms. Wouldn’t it cost you losses? For this purpose, such commercial property is more prone to pest infestation, making it essential to hire pest management services.

Common Pests Found In Perth 

Australia includes an array of pests and insects that enter to destroy your property. In Perth, the most common type of pests found are –

  • Crawling Pests: ants, bed bugs, bees, beetles, cricket, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, termites, and spiders.
  • Flying Pests: mosquitoes, silverfish, wasps, moths, and drain flies.
  • Rodents: rats, mice, and possum. 

Things To Consider Before Hiring Pest Control Services In Perth 

Since Pest Control Perth is crucial in properties, it is essential to consider a few things before hiring them. It is vital to hire a company that will provide optimal services for thorough pest extermination, ensuring health and property safety. You will need experienced technicians, adequate methods, and practical techniques to combat pest complications. A few things to keep in mind are as follows –


Price is an important consideration when you are hiring pest control services in Perth. It is advisable to make a budget to research for companies that conform to your budget. A low budget service may sound nice; however, you must choose a top-notch service.


Before you hire any company’s service, it is vital to see their reputation in the market. You must hunt for a company that stands out in the market so that you are sure of its services. Besides a good reputation, critical reviews and responses are equally essential. Word of mouth can also help you to choose the right company for your service. 

The Equipment Used

When it comes to Pest Control Perth services, you need to know the kind of equipment used and the method applied by companies. For homes with children, pets, and elders, you must be fully aware of the chemicals and techniques used. If you have allergic people or pets at home, find a company that uses pet-friendly and human-friendly methods.

The Technicians

Since pest management is a technical job, you must hire a company with a team of skilled technicians. They must be fully equipped with the knowledge of handling all kinds of pests and insects hovering around your property. It is also essential to know whether all the technicians are certified and insured. In case of any member’s health risk, you shouldn’t be held liable for the loss.

Certified And Licensed

When you are hiring a company’s service, it is vital to know if they are certified and licensed in the market or not. If you have a certified company at your service, you will witness a suitable and adequate remediation process. They will be faithful to what they claim to offer.


The more years spent in a business, the better services you can expect. Similarly is the case with pest management. In Pest Control Perth companies, their experience will enable them to handle all kinds of pests and pest complications in your residence and commercial properties. Therefore, you must look for companies with adequate experience.

Warranty And Guarantee

A guarantee must back every product or service that you buy in the market. If the company fails to perform well and meticulously, they must re-do their services without having you pay for the second time. Therefore, look for companies that provide a warranty with their services.

What Should You Do Before Pest Exterminators Enter Your Property?

Whether it’s your residential property or your commercial one, there are many things to take care of before pest exterminators enter your premises. You must prepare your property for the pest control company, and here’s how.

  • Give Them Access

If you have any large furniture or appliance placed inside your home or office, remove them to access the exterminators. Give them space to get into the corners where pests tend to hide and build their homes.

  • Clothes And furniture

If you have toys for your children, clothes, or upholstery in your property, make sure to cover them or remove them. Store small items inside cupboards if possible. Remove all bed sheets, covers, mattresses, pillows before they enter your space. If you do not have enough storage on your property, pack them well with plastic wrappings. Cover your sofa and other furniture along with the upholstery. In termite removal, you must empty your wooden furniture since it is a thriving ground for termites.

  • Pets

If you have pets in your house, relocate them somewhere else before Pest Control Perth services begin in your residence. Also, after relocating your pets, store their toys and other stuff inside locked cabinets. In the case of an aquarium, seal it tightly.

  • Bathroom

If your bathroom needs spraying too, it is best if you empty it. Store all your toiletries inside drawers and pay special attention to brushes, razors, floss, etc. 

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important place that requires meticulous pest management. It is the perfect breeding ground for many pests. Also, it is very vital to take care of your kitchen and its belongings when pest exterminators enter your home. Clear out the dustbin, clear out the kitchen countertop, remove all cutleries and crockeries, cover any large areas if you fall short of storage, unplug your fridge. 

You must carefully look after these things before calling in pest exterminators to your house to avoid any harmful effects on your health. 

Final Thoughts

The pest control Perth services are significant to eliminate and prevent pest infestations in properties. In fact, you must invest in pest control that will give you beneficial results and enhance the safety and security of health and homes. There are several types of pests in Australia. Some are harmless, while some can prove to be lethal. 

Regardless of the kind you see, it would be best if you eradicated the signs of each of them. Amidst the COVID crisis, it has become even more crucial to protect homes and offices from bacteria and infections. For this reason, regular pest inspection and remediation services are vital. 

If you are looking for qualified pest controllers in Perth, you can contact the local Xterminate Pest Control team. Considering their Google reviews, this company has been working wonders in all suburbs of Perth in eradicating and preventing pests in residential and commercial areas. If you visit their website, you’ll see their wide range of services and a list of great packages and deals!

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