Protect Your Property From Deadly Rodents

Protect Your Property From Deadly Rodents 

If you are a resident of Western Australia, you must’ve encountered several pests in your properties. However, have you struggled with the problems of deadly rodents in Perth? Do you know the hazardous consequences of a rodent infestation in your properties? Deadly rodents are one of the most serious pest problems that Australians face today. Given the upcoming winters, rodents will look for a warm, cozy environment with food and shelter, and what better than your home? Therefore, rodent control Perth services become inevitable. 

Rat Infestation Problem In Perth 

The problem of a rat infestation in Perth has become a prevalent one. Along with their infestation come the inevitable damages and diseases affecting your property and health. Rodents look for a warm environment, and especially, with the winter weather kicking in, they have nowhere else to run for sustenance and a cozy place. Therefore, witnessing the rise of rodents in properties has become common. Furthermore, know that if you have located a rodent in or around your house, know that they will stay. Therefore, hiring efficient rodent control Perth services is crucial. 

How Do Deadly Rodents Find Homes To Infest?

You must be wondering why, after keeping your home free of pests and insects, you see rodents scurrying around your property. Rodents, on the other hand, can detect changes in pressure and weather faster than humans. Deadly Rodents seek warmth to build homes as soon as the weather changes. They require food in addition to warmth to survive. As a result, they enter your homes because they believe it is an ideal breeding ground for them.

If you keep your doors or windows open, rodents will enter your premises before you know it. They have extremely flexible bodies that can glide through the narrowest passages. Some of their entry routes include –

  • Door and windows
  • Gaps through the walls
  • Damaged or rotten shingles
  • Cracks in the baseboard 

Signs Of A Rat Infestation In Properties

Rodents are one type of pest that will make themselves known. A few telltale signs will help you locate deadly rodents in your properties.

  • Rat Droppings: Rodents are known to leave behind their droppings mostly at night. These are small black feces that you will find in specific locations, especially in the corners of your property. 
  • Rub Marks: Rodents are creatures with low eyesight. Therefore, they use an already existing route to move around your house, like skirting boards or walls. The dirt on their body leaves behind marks on the places they have touched.
  • Chewed Wired, Paper, or Fabrics: Among the many damages rodents bring with them are that they chew off upholstery, fabrics, and paper. They will also chew off electric wires, leaving you prone to electrocution. Therefore, if rodents infest your property, you will find chewed belongings around.
  • Noises: Rodents have a very peculiar scratchy noise. They are often found in the attic, making their usual noises at night. Therefore, it won’t be challenging to find their space inside properties if you follow the sound. You should hire rodent control Perth services if you want to protect your properties from such unhealthy creatures. 
  • Nest: There are a few particular places in a property where rodents infest most, like your attic, lofts, cavity walls, etc. Whenever you look at these places, you will find a rodent’s nest already existing. 

Why Are Rodents A Risk In Properties?

If you struggle with rodent infestations in your house, do not delay hiring rodent control Perth services. If you know of the devastating consequences of leaving rodents unattended on your property, you’d want to call in a professional right away. 

Health Hazards Caused By Rodents

Rodents are among the filthiest creatures alive. Especially in Australia, the problem of rodents is widespread. They enter your premises to jeopardize your health and home. Among the several health complications they cause are –

  • Hantavirus: even though this virus is not very commonly heard of, it can lead to serious health complications. Besides, it is easily transmissible from rodents to humans. The risk of contracting the virus is when you and the dirty rodents share the same living space. 
  • Bubonic Plague: not enough the world is petrified of an existing plague; having new ones can only cause distress. If an infected rodent bites you, there are high chances of developing bubonic plague, which at times can be lethal.
  • Rat Bite Fever: as the name suggests, this disease is spread when you are either bitten by a rodent or eat something contaminated by rodents. Common symptoms include fever, indigestion, muscle pain, vomiting, rashes, or more.
  • Salmonella: Salmonella is another common disease spread by contaminating and filthy pests like rodents and cockroaches. It can lead to several uncomfortable and distressing symptoms like stomach ache, fever, and diarrhea. 

Property Damage Caused By Rodents 

Not only are rodents detrimental to your health, but they also jeopardize your property in no time. You think you can ignore the early signs of rodent infestations, given that they won’t be harmful. However, you should think again! From structural damage to ruining belongings, they are capable of more than you can imagine –

  • They can contaminate food items, linens, fabrics, surfaces, or clothing with their urine and droppings. 
  • They can gnaw on and chew household items like furniture, books, walls, carpets, and more.
  • They are capable of electrical damage as well. They can chew electric wires. Electrical damage caused by rodents is not only risky but can cost a lot in repairs. It can also be a great source of fire break out in properties. 
  • The belonging or items in your property chewed by rodents are usually irreparable or, in some cases, irreplaceable. Some of the home relics that you’ve kept as souvenirs for a long time can never be brought back if destroyed by rodents. 
  • Rodents can easily make nests or build homes in walls, attics, air ducts and create unpleasant odours. 

Therefore, if you do not wish to witness devastating destruction in your property, you should hire rodent control Perth services. 

What Is The Difference Between Rats And Mice?

Rodents are mainly of two types – rats and mice. Whenever you witness a rodent infestation on your property, you can never be certain that you’ve seen rats or mice. Even though the damages caused by them are the same, there are several points of distinction between rats and mice. 



  • Rats are mainly of two types – brown rats and black rats. 
  • Brown rats tend to have a thicker body, blunt nose, and hairy ears.
  • Black rats have a slender body, large thin ears, longer tails, and pointed noses.


  • A mouse usually has a tail length longer than its body. 
  • They have large ears, small feet with a light grey or brownish colour body.

Eating Habits


  • Brown rats usually prefer cereals and tend to drink almost 60 ml of water daily. 
  • Black rats feed on moist food or fruits. It is more challenging to control black rats since they change their eating spot every night. They drink approximately 10 ml of water daily. 


  • Mice like to feed on cereals.
  • They take their food and eat them in the same spot 
  • Mice usually can go without water. However, if at all available, they usually drink up to 3 ml of water a day 

Place Of Existence


  • You will find brown rats living in burrows under the ground. They usually live outdoors in the sewer system. Since brown rats live in the sewer system and under the ground, they tend to cause structural damage to properties.
  • Black rats are found in buildings and around the ports. In warmer climates, they live in trees and orchards. 


You will find mice loitering in and around burrows or on the ground. However, they have agile bodies and can climb varying heights. House mice are what you find inside your property. 

The Damages They Bring 

Regardless of which rodent you find inside your property, it becomes imperative for you to hire rodent control Perth services every time you cite a mouse or a rat. They can cause equally disturbing damages to properties. However, due to differences in appearance and structure, they might be prone to causing certain types of damage. 


Rats are way stronger than mice. The damages and destruction brought about by rats can surpass that of mice. They can gnaw on or chew building materials, like wood, glass sheet, cinder block, etc., since they have teeth stronger than mice’s.


Mice usually have weaker teeth than rats, so they cannot feed on heavy building materials like rats but can feed on the food supply of your property. 

Regarding health problems, rats and mice are known to cause the same kind of health hazards.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Rodents From Entering Properties

As a property owner, the safety and health of your property are vital. It is advisable to do all you can to protect it from hazardous and harmful pests and other external factors. Well, with deadly rodents, you can try a few tricks to keep them away from properties –

  • Fill up the holes that exist in the interiors and exteriors of your premises. It can be a great way to restrict rodents from entering. 
  • Remove sources of rodents’ infestations like leaf piles or other debris.
  • Keep garbage inside and outside your property sealed with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Do not scatter food for the birds when trying to get rid of rodents from the property. 
  • Keep your kitchen clean with your surfaces disinfected every night. 
  • Try keeping items that scare rodents at the entrance of your door or windows. 

Why Should You Hire Pest Control Services In Perth?

Well, you may think that you can use baits and other DIY ways of getting rid of deadly rodents on your property. Especially when it comes to commercial property, the consequences are much worse, and it becomes more challenging to eliminate the scope of rodents. Therefore, hiring professional rodent control Perth services becomes inevitable. Other reasons to hire professional exterminators are –

  • Professionals 

When you hire professional pest exterminators, you will witness the services of trained professionals. They are trained and skilled at doing what they do. The rat traps that you laid for the ones on your property may be futile at times. However, with professionals, it can never be the case. 

  • Experience

A company that has the experience to handle all kinds of pests, especially rodents, is perfect for your property too. Professionals have experience in handling rodents efficiently. With them, you get to witness certified and definite results. 

  • Convenience

More than anything else, hiring professionals makes the job highly convenient to you. You can dial and hire their services while knowing they will handle the job with 100% efficacy. 

  • Techniques and Tools

Whenever you hire professionals’ services, know that they will reach your premises with all tools and techniques necessary to eradicate the scope of rodents from your property. They use the modern and latest equipment and methods to get rid of rodents effortlessly.

  • Warranty

When you hire professionals’ services, you always receive warranted pest remediation services. It means that if there is any corner in your property where pests still exist, the company will come for a re-do for free. Such warranted services ensure that there is not a single scope of pests remaining in your property. 

  • Saves Money

Hiring professionals to get rid of pests from properties saves you money in the long run. Instead of investing in frequent DIY hacks, invest in thorough and meticulous pest extermination services. 


With rodents, you should never take the risk of ignoring them, especially if you have pets, children, or elders at home. Even for allergic people, rodents can be a real threat. In commercial properties, rodent infestations need closer attention and immediate remediation. Therefore, invest in protecting your health and homes by hiring efficient and professional rodent control Perth services. 

Thankfully, with the help of reputable pest controllers like Xterminate Pest Control Perth, this is becoming easier. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website. Without a doubt, this organization offers the most cost-effective packages using the safest and most effective ways. For a free quote, give the team a call right now!

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