Know Your Enemies: How to Fight Against Pests in Perth

Have you ever experienced the distressing situation of pests at home?  The problem of pests and insects in Australia has been prevalent for quite some time. The country has been home to innumerable pest problems. Know how to fight against pests in your home.

The consequences of ignoring minor pest issues can lead to something significant and hazardous. It is best to opt for Pest Control Perth if you want to keep your home safe from health and property destruction. Xterminate Pest Control Perth is one of the best choices if you are looking for local pest control services .

What Are The Most Common Pests Found In Perth?

Even though there are several types of pests that you’ll find in Perth, there are a few common ones that seem to hover around your house all the time. Among the several types of insects and pests found here are –

  • Wasps
  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Termites
  • And many more

Despite the occurrence of all these insects at home, you will find a few that are most common in Perth and found in almost all homes.


Rats mainly fall into the category of rodents and are known as the most common type of pest to cause an unbearable nuisance in Perth. If you have ever come across any signs of rats at home or your commercial property, know that it is time for Pest Control Perth

What Dangers Do Rats Bring?

In residential areas, rats have become a pretty significant nuisance that wanders around in search of food. You must’ve often heard about how rats can harm your health. However, have you heard about the damage it brings to your property? 

They can damage your home’s insulation, they tend to chew things like walls, fabrics, or paper, or they can even go on to chew electric wires. Some rats have fast-growing teeth, so if you find any torn or chewed items at home, understand the cause of it. You’d be surprised to know, rat droppings can not only pollute the environment of your home, but they can also decay your property. 

Among the diseases spread by rats are a plague, bacteria called leptospirosis, salmonellosis, Lassa fever, Hantavirus, and many more. Not only do they spread diseases, but they also carry other pests and insects like fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. 

Types Of Rats Found In Perth 

Australia is known for different kinds of pests and insects. However, when we speak of Perth, you will most commonly find two types – the Black Rat and the Brown Rat. You will find the black one more often than you see the other one out of the two. Regardless of the type you find inside your house, each carries an equal amount of danger to your health.


When we speak of cockroaches, you might think that they are harmless. Since they do not bite or cause structural damage, you may end up ignoring their existence. If you know about cockroaches in detail, you will see that they are among those pests that carry one of the highest risks. While they are harmful in many ways, they are also prevalent inside houses in Perth. Therefore, Pest Control Perth is the best way to get rid of cockroaches from home. 

What Are The Damages Caused By Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are among the dirtiest pests or insects found in Australia. They pollute the environment and are potential carriers of diseases. If you witness any signs of cockroaches inside your property, know that they exist to feed on the food or garbage at home. In the process, they contaminate the areas they infest in, leaving scope for several diseases. Salmonellosis is among the most common illnesses caused by cockroaches. Among others are typhoid, cholera, leprosy, plague, dysentery, etc.

Apart from being famous for spreading diseases, cockroaches are also known to damage your property. They can nibble off anything they see, most commonly, paper, wires, clothes, or other materials. You will also find their laid eggs inside cupboards and in closed spaces. Their dropping causes filth in your premises and makes it risky for the wellbeing of the members. 

Types Of Cockroaches Found In Perth 

When in Perth, there are a few common types of cockroaches you will come across. Some of them are –

  • German cockroach
  • American cockroach
  • Native Australian Black cockroach 
  • Brown Banded cockroach

While all of these have their characteristics, know that none are harmless and safe for your building. As soon as you cite one at home, call in pest exterminators to do the job for you. 


When we talk of ants, do not be fooled by their tiny size and appearance. Those little beings are capable of causing too much nuisance. It is a fact that ants are hard-working creatures gathering food for themselves all around the year. This fact makes it apparent that they enter premises to look for their food. They have been a continuous nuisance to residents in and around Perth for a long time. Call a local pest control company to come to your rescue if you cannot understand how to get rid of ants from your premises. 

Types Of Ants Found In Perth 

There are approximately 1300 species of ants found in Australia. However, among the most common ones that you can easily find in Perth are –

  • Argentine Ants
  • Black Ants 
  • Coastal Brown Ants 
  • Bull Ants 

It doesn’t matter which type of ant you see in Perth; once you find a single one roaming around your kitchen, you will soon find the entire bunch. 

What Are The Possible Damages Caused By Ants?

You will be surprised to know that these small species of ants can cause a nuisance inside your property. Firstly, it is distressing to see a line of ants marching around your kitchen with food. Secondly, they can easily contaminate the food that they find for themselves. The kind of damage caused in your property depends on the species of ants you see. For example, carpenter ants are famous for causing issues.

Another instance is of sugar ants that contaminate your food, making them unhealthy for consumption. Apart from these, there are several bacteria carried by ants to your premises. They are known to spread certain food-borne diseases. Therefore, it is risky to ignore the early signs of ants in your house. 

Need Help With Ant Extermination?

Nobody can best help you with ant removal except the experienced pest professionals. Never hesitate to get help from the experts before the infestation goes out of control. Without a doubt, the earlier you treat the infestation the better. Never let any pest stay in your home or property any longer. Otherwise, you would wake up one day facing an even bigger problem.Get your local pest control Perth company take care of your pest control needs.


If you ever find your skin itchy or full of rashes, try looking for fleas around your property. Fleas are among the most common pests in Western Australia that are also known as blood-sucking parasites. Not only that, but they also spread deadly diseases. People tend to ignore the existence of fleas from their homes, thinking that they are not capable of causing harm. Little do you know that fleas can harm your pets too. They are a significant threat to your health and the life of your four-legged friends. 

Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Removing fleas on your own is never a good idea. Since they are so deadly and harmful, it is always better to get rid of them by pest exterminators. Also, these fleas hide in closed spaces and areas, so it becomes more important to call in technicians to handle the job proficiently. 

Fleas multiply real quick, so it is never an easy job to locate and tackle the issue on your own.  Most importantly, if you have fleas around your house, your pets will be the most harmed and affected. They will continue to scratch their skin due to the itchy bites. Some flea bites also cause certain types of allergies. Among other diseases spread by fleas is tapeworm infection. This kind of infection is common in cats. 


Mice are another category of rodents found in Australia. Just like rats, they are capable of spreading diseases and causing damage to your property. Identifying and differentiating a mouse from a rat may be challenging. For this reason, it is advisable to hire services that are trained and experienced in the field. Mice are very skilled in living with humans inside homes. They will find their way inside and build a house for themselves. Not only that, they will take care of their food by infesting your food in the kitchen. 

What Are The Dangers Caused By Mice?

Mice are potential threats to humans and property. Mice spread many infectious diseases. What may shock you is that mice are more deadly and significant in causing hazards than rats, the reason being their proliferation rate. Mice are active carriers of diseases. Among the most common ones are leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Apart from this, there are Hantavirus, bubonic plague, and other significant conditions. 

Types Of Mice In Perth 

Mice are different from rats in appearance and function. In Perth, you will find two types of mice– house mice and field mice. The field mouse is more out in the open, destroying crops and agriculture, while the house mouse is busy causing nuisance inside your house. Therefore, controlling and getting rid of all mice and rats is essential in Australia.

Why Is It Important To Opt For Pest Control Services?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all understood the importance of hygiene and health. With so many different kinds of pests and insects hovering in and around your house, how can you maintain optimal health? If you are trying DIY hacks to get rid of pests, they will only help you temporarily. For a more permanent solution, pest exterminators or technicians should be your go-to choice.

There are several benefits of hiring pest control services. Some of them are –

You Maintain A Healthier Life

Who likes to have uninvited guests like insects inside your house? If you have kids, pets, elders, or people with allergies inside your premises, it is not safe for them to be around pests all the time. Whether it’s mosquitoes outside your house or cockroaches in your kitchen, pest problems are known to cause nuisance everywhere. Therefore, it is best to hire companies who can make the job easy for you.

Pest Control Can Prevent Property Damage

Your home is your biggest shelter. How would you feel if your property is ruined because of a bunch of insects? No matter how small they are or which species they belong to, pests and insects cause nuisance and damage to your property. Not only do they add trouble to your overall health, but they also succeed in turning your premises upside down. For example termites, they are the best instance where you can see your furniture or structure deteriorating by the day. 

Keeps Your Health Safe

Any food contaminated by pests is always dangerous to consume. However, how do you know whether the food is infected or not? Instead of taking the risk, it is better to call in technicians who will take care of your health and home by getting rid of pests. 

Pests Cause Several Allergies

Pests and insects spread innumerable diseases. Among them are allergies that can be easily caused by some insects. For example, cockroaches in Australia are known to carry allergens that cause several types of allergies among humans. Also, your pets can develop specific allergies caused by fleas or other pests. 

Dealing with Pests is No Easy Without Pest Control Perth Professionals

Don’t waste your time and energy with the frustrating pest problem when you can easily hire your local Pest Control Perth? Instead of inviting illnesses and property complications, get rid of pests and insects as soon as you notice one. Besides, after knowing all the potential troubles that pests and insects bring along with them, it is best to keep them away as much as possible. Invest in something that can help save your health and your home. 

Perth has local pest controllers that are competent and excellent in their work. However, if you want trusted and reliable services, find Xterminate Pest Control Perth. Xterminate pests controllers have been top rated since they began in the business many years ago. In fact, they cover a wide range of pest control services with extremely affordable packages. Get the full information from their website. They provide 100% safe and effective solutions. Get a free quote by calling them now!

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